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Elegance is Refusal

Think For Yourself. Aloud.

La Vie Vintage
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I love to plan things
and have learned you can't plan the best things

I love a summer in the District and autumn in Virginia
I am addicted to life on film
thai food and white chocolate mocha lattes.

I live by notebooks and journals
and firmly believe I'm healthiest and happiest when I do yoga, swim, and dance.

We aren't roommates, but if we were
my best friend and I would throw the best dinner parties you've ever been to.

Growing up in Northern Virginia made me really appreciate long drives
and I've probably had the most cathartic moments of self-reflection on mini-solo road trips.

I compulsively quote lines from songs
If you're smart, you will google them and go download.

I want to live life without regrets
Je ne veux pas être trop occupé pour chasser mes rêves.